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All PVC formulations contain deadly Lead which causes cancer and many other diseases. At Amulya we have removed Lead to produce Lead-Free WPC/PVC boards thereby setting new standards in the market. Aptly called Lead-Free boards. These are also free from other heavy metals like Cadmium and Mercury. 

Our WPC contains saw dust of New Zealand pine therefore aptly called PolyPine while our PVC boards contain harmonious mix of PVC and Calcium Carbonate to give you high screw holding capacity and no brittleness.

All above advantages along with a life time guarantee against moisture and termite makes its superior and value for money product


ELITE: Our Elite PVC boards come in 0.67 density. These boards are recommended for wardrobe shelfs and other load bearing applications. One can use them wherever plywood is used.

PREMIUM: Our Premium PVC boards comes in 0.55 density and are recommended for wardrobe and kitchen carcass, bathroom vanities, partitions etc. This board is mostly used in high moisture and termite problem areas.

CLASSIC: Our Classic PVC boards comes in 0.47 density. This is recommended for ceilings, partitions in metal frame, CNC façade work, wall panelling.

4D: This PVC board comes in 0.40 density. This is mainly recommended for CNC work, wall panelling and ceiling only and is not recommended for making furniture.


POLYPINE: As the name itself suggests, this board is technical collaboration of PVC polymer and pine wood saw dust. We add New Zealand pine wood saw dust between 5-8 % in these boards. The purpose is to give more rigidity and better screw holding capacity as compared to pure PVC boards. It comes in 0.55 density.

POLYPINE +: This board also comes loaded with New Zealand pine wood saw dust to the extent of 5-8%. It comes in a density of 0.67 which makes this board the most robust in India in its category.

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Our latest offering is coloured PVC boards called the “Rainbow Collection”. RAINBOW COLLECTION is a low foam, high density PVC board. It is colored with a matte finish that is tough and versatile enough for most applications. RAINBOW is available in 9 colors, plus white, and a variety of thicknesses and sizes to fit most uses. The matte surface is the perfect substrate for UV printing, laminating, vinyl lettering and forming projects. RAINBOW can be sawed, drilled, bent and fabricated using ordinary carpentry tools. RAINBOW is manufactured to be used for interior and limited exterior applications. Please use caution when using RAINBOW in an exterior application, especially when dark paint, ink or vinyl is applied. This may cause the sheets to expand in heat and contract in cold. Prior testing at user end is required for any specialized application of RAINBOW. The manufacturer does not recommend long term permanent use of RAINBOW in exterior applications.

RAINBOW comes with unique features like 100 % water proof, 100 % termite proof, free from heavy metals like Lead / Mercury and Cadmium, Contains Virgin PVC to avoid any brittleness, fire retardant and self-extinguishing, similar surface finish and color on both sides of the sheet, matte surface; ready to accept most inks, paints and vinyls, ease of fabrication with ordinary carpentry tools and easily bonds to similar material and many other materials


100% Waterproof

Termite and pest proof

Fire Retardant

High Screw Holding

Life time warranty

Non toxic Panel

Corrosion resistance

Light Weight

Anti Bacterial

RoHS Compliant

Food Safe