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10 On-The-Wall Innovative Applications of Laminate | Amulya Mica
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10 On-The-Wall Innovative Applications of Laminate | Amulya Mica

  • Create a perfect entrance

Does your house have a route of entry or a mudroom? Creating an enticing spot to hang their dripping jackets and dirty shoes for the entire family. Since getting in from the mud, a water-resistant laminate such as PVC Laminate would be better for resisting moist clothing.

  • Hang your hat style

There's another location where laminate on the wall makes a lot of sense if your home lacks a formal entryway and simply opens into your living room: a charming coat rack area. With a sturdy yet gorgeous laminate wall solution, the wall here will no longer be empty. On the Amulya Mica Imperial, you can find out some interesting entryway ideas here.

  • A Mediterranean flavor

It is popular to equate wood looks with Amulya Mica laminate, but there are several types available that do not at all imitate real wood. You can add a mosaic look to your living room walls with Synchronized laminate that is directly influenced by the texture that natural wood offers.

  • Frame your TV

Your home is most likely to have a familiar black rectangle hanging on the wall. You'll get a look that is one-of-a-kind by installing your screen on laminate. A laminate wall surround for fireplaces also works wonders.

  • Eye-popping windows

Why waste thousands on new windows when, for a fraction of the size, you can accentuate your current ones? Here's a concept that can be used to add more character to your windows for less with laminate planks. Like Amulya Mica Premium Laminate, a wonderfully natural look is perfect.

  • Fancy up your storage center

It's an environment that might be tough on painted walls if your room has a cubby hole or storage space for toys. Consider building behind them, as seen on our Pinboard, a sturdy laminate panel. A trendy accent will be introduced and you will stop thinking about shoes and flying toys leaving a trace!

  • Create a sunnier room with sunshine

The sunroom is a favorite room for everyone in the home. Give yours, by adding laminate to your walls, a warm yet modern touch.

  • Not your average dining room

Textured walls give your space a special flair. In this dining room, check out the rustic elegance of the Amulya Mica Laminates. One of the main reasons Amulya Mica makes as much sense on your wall as your floor is the stunning hand-scraped texture.

  • Bedroom of your dreams

Dream of applying laminate to the walls as a simple substitute accent before you repaint your bedroom or purchase a headboard. Specific grain Amulya Mica Laminate is an outstanding choice that looks beautiful on a wall.


  • Taking a vertical one

It is still a perfect alternative to laying planks horizontally to go vertical with laminate boards. The wainscot theme can be given a fresh twist or a thoroughly contemporary wall takeover can be given to an accent wall.


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