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5 Types of Furniture Laminates | Amulya Mica Blogs
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5 Types of Furniture Laminates | Amulya Mica Blogs

When browsing a good Indian Decorative laminates company’s website, the types of laminates available in the market will surprise you. Deciding on the best laminate that you want to use on your residential or commercial furniture, is indeed confusing. Simply opting for the costly one also doesn’t work, as most laminate sheets are of an affordable range.

Amulya Mica, one of the leading laminate manufacturer in India, recommends deciding on the right laminate for your furniture based on the purpose, use and expected longevity of the furniture. You can select from the following types of laminates used for furniture:

Metallic Laminate

As the name says metallic laminates on your furniture adds a rich and shining look. Best laminate brands in India confirm that metallic laminates are available in limited color options (like steel, grey, gold, and copper) and are very durable. They don’t chip off and are easy to maintain.

Gloss and Matte Finish Laminate

Gloss and matte finish laminates determine the final look of your furniture. While glossy laminates add a reflective surface to your furniture, the matte ones are solid and widely used.

Antistatic Laminates

If you are a clean freak who hates dust on the furniture around, then antistatic laminates are meant for you. Antistatic Laminates have extra-dimensional stability and stiffness. As it does not allow dust to accumulate, it’s a top choice for office furniture.

Textured Laminates

Textured laminates are of so many types and you can simply pick the one that suits the mood of your furniture setting. Amulya Mica, a top choice among laminate companies in India offers texture laminates with cotton build, solid sparkle, leather texture, wood grain, natural marble, fabric texture and so on!

Digital Laminates

Digital laminates in India is being extensively used across all sectors. From cartoon to geometric, these have digital prints on the laminates that make your furniture eye-catching amidst many. Select your digital laminate wisely depending on the location of your furniture

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