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Advantages Of Coloured PVC | Amulya Mica
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Advantages Of Coloured PVC | Amulya Mica

Curious to know about the advantages of coloured PVC?? Then must not miss this guide that covers numerous benefits and features of using coloured PVC.



Amulya Mica Rainbow Collection, with variety of colours to choose from, makes it ready to use with no need to apply laminate and hence saves the cost of laminate, adhesive and labour.

Load Bearing

Amulya Mica Rainbow Collection manufacturing process minimizes the use of calcium which in turn increases its load bearing capacity. It is on an average 30% stronger than the local PVC foam board.


Amulya Mica Rainbow Collection comes in standard size of 8X4 feet, and in 12 mm & 18 mm thickness Customized size and thickness options available.

Safe For Humans

Amulya Mica Rainbow Collection is a green product free from cancer causing heavy metals like Lead, Mercury & Cadmium. It is also free from deadly formaldehyde emissions which causes Asthama and hence makes it a healthy product for your family.

100% Termite & Water Proof

It is 100% water proof and is immeune to any kind of moisture. This makes it ideal for all interior applications where all other boards fail due to moisture and termite

Fire Retardant

It is fire retardant and self extiguishing meaning , if the fire source is taken away its flame extinguishes on its own. The inherent quality of PVC gives it property to melt down slowly but do not catch the flame or spread fire

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