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Furniture: Laminate, Veneer, or Solid Wood?" what to prefer?

Furniture: Laminate, Veneer, or Solid Wood?" what to prefer?

In this article we aim to differentiate between laminates, veneer or solid wood to make it easy for consumers to make the best choice for their residential or commercial furniture. For each, there are two pros listed which helps you to make a better choice.


Developed in the 1980s, laminate boards are a popular choice for furniture considering its affordability and aesthetic looks. It has 4 layers- underneath the base layer creates moisture barrier; the base layer is impermeable; the middle layer is a wooden base and the top layer is decorative design.

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Pros of using laminates for furniture:

  • As it is a manufactured product, it is heat and scratch-resistant.
  • It is affordable, easy to clean and low maintenance.


Veneer is usually made of a thin layer of real hardwood. It is similar to laminates; however, the process of production differs. Veneer is less than 1/8 inch thick. In case of furniture stain, veneer can always be repainted.

Pros of using veneer for furniture:

  • Furniture made of veneer is very lightweight which makes it easy during relocation.
  • The look and feel of veneer furniture is very close to wooden ones.

Solid Wood

While laminates and veneer are new trends, using solid wood for furniture was where it started. Solid wood is still considered by many when it comes to furniture though its price and weight make it a little weak in comparison to laminates and veneer.

Pros of using solid wood for furniture:

  • It is a classic choice that you can make for your furniture.
  • Solid wood furniture can easily support heavyweight.

There is no single answer regarding which one from the above list you should use on your furniture. You should choose according to the furniture you are making, the use you are expecting from it and the location of the furniture.

But as per the market trend laminates are currently dominating the furniture market due to wide range of designs and affordable price followed by veneer and solid wood.  

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