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For Hygiene-Centric Projects: The Optimal Surface Material

For Hygiene-Centric Projects: The Optimal Surface Material

Smart design technologies are also asked for in large industrial design programs, such as healthcare or school buildings, where accessibility and hygiene are a must. Architects and interior designers always ask us: What makes Amulya Mica laminate ideal for use in areas where hygiene is essential? Here are a handful of explanations of why...

Can help minimize bacterial growth

First and foremost, our Amulya Mica laminates have intrinsic properties that can help minimize the growth of bacteria on the surface of the product, so for hospitals, clinics, and school design programs, we are also the material of choice.

A surface that is enclosed

Our laminates are produced by impregnating specially chosen kraft papers with thermosetting resins and are bound together through the pressing process by applying a high degree of pressure and temperature. This provides a completely enclosed and impervious finished product.

It is possible to post form it (no secret dirt spots!)

It is not always easy to find the optimal material if you are dealing with a uniquely formed space, or maybe even just a wide area where a significantly-sized surface is required. But it is not all about ease to post form and the number of sheet sizes in which our laminates are available. It also decreases the number of joints and seams where debris can accumulate, which ensures it is easier to clean every millimeter.

Maintenance made simple

When you clean Amulya Mica Laminate, you don't have to think about expert chemicals or disinfectants. What you need is soapy, warm water. In reality, with our laminates, you can never use abrasive chemicals, which is wonderful news, because it makes it quick and easy to plan and execute a cleaning regime!

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