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How to pick between laminate and hardwood ?

How to pick between laminate and hardwood ?

There are many items to consider when choosing between laminate and hardwood for your home before pressing "add to cart." While you may think elegance is everything you need, note that this is an investment that will last for a long, long time.

Does your lifestyle, for example, need waterproof plywood? Or do you have dogs and need a scratch-resistant laminate? You'll know that choosing the right floor is not as straightforward as you would think if you ask yourself these kinds of questions. That's good. You'll feel more secure in picking the laminate or WPC/PVC or plywood that makes the most sense for your home after you follow our tips in this easy guide.

The complexity level of a new furniture installation is something to hold in mind. If you're not the kind of DIY, you'll need to take into account the expense of recruiting an installation specialist. It is also worth noting that hardwood designed for laminate and locking can be mounted in a home of all sizes, but solid hardwood cannot. When deciding, make sure to keep that in mind.


If you've never done it yourself, building hardwood can be demanding. To successfully build it, you'll need special equipment, time, and patience. Amulya Mica, however, has established locking engineered hardwood with click-lock joint planks, such as laminate, which makes it much simpler to build than it once was. So if you're confident in your DIY ability, then don't let the difficulty level of installation stop you from tackling your next project.


Today's technology has made laminate installation simpler than ever for many laminate manufacturers, including Amulya Mica. Installation can be completed over a weekend, even though it's your first DIY job, thanks to locking planks that need no glue or nails. And, by doing it yourself, you'll save money.


Cleaning and Maintaining

Hardwood and laminate, in general, are also convenient to clean and preserve. There are several major variations to remember, though.

Hardwood with a dust mop or cleaner will quickly be washed. But with hard-to-remove stains, you would not be allowed to use a wet mop, since it can permanently ruin the hardwood. A basic household vinegar solution would do the trick for spot cleaning. And certain sturdy hardwood floors can be refinished to prevent any imperfections if you are concerned about scratches. Only review the manufacturer's warranties and be sure that before taking the sander out, refinishing is protected.

When it comes to liquids, laminating can be forgiving. Although it is not generally recommended that you use a wet mop for laminate cleaning, you should use chosen laminates, such as Amulya Mica plywood and Amulya Mica laminate, for example. You should use a somewhat moist mop with a washing agent rubbed gently on it with other laminates. Even, you will never have to think about sanding or refinishing it, since most laminate is resistant to scratching.

if you have children, pets, or both, then longevity will play a significant role in determining the best home furniture.

Although hardwood is resilient and looks stunning, it is, however, just like any wood surface, prone to scraping and dents. Fortunately, not all furniture is made alike, because the hardwood of Amulya Mica features a wear layer that provides up to 5x the longevity of ordinary hardwood furniture. So when weighing out your choices, bear that in mind.

Big dog, little dog. Messy boy, clean child. Since it is designed to be robust, laminate can withstand it. Most are immune to scratches and stains, while some are also waterproof, so it's suitable for pets.


Everyone comes in many different types, colors, and textures from hardwood and laminate. It's just a matter of thinking, "Which will best complement my home?" ”

It's not getting much more real than furniture made of hardwood. Any natural knot and grain would make you notice, telling you that you're walking on a piece of nature at home. So if your thing is honesty, then go for hardwood. Check out Amulya Mica's range to get an understanding of how real hardwood feels.

Laminate does an exceptional job of portraying the quality of natural hardwood. There's essentially a laminate pattern to complement every look, whether the style is rustic or contemporary.

You should be able to take the next step in your quest for the right floor for your home now that you know the main distinctions between hardwood and laminate. Bear in mind that it boils down to what you like on the board. And be sure to find out all available hardwood and laminate engineered locking Amulya Mica.

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