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Emotional Influence of Green Elements and Furniture

Emotional Influence of Green Elements and Furniture

It is a well-documented reality that the interior decor atmosphere surrounding you significantly impacts your attitude, thought processes, and daily interactions. This phenomenon has been recognized by both psychologists and architects.

Various experiments have indicated that large-sized rooms with high ceilings can stimulate the imagination and motivation of the occupant, while the opposite scenario tends to foster concentration on specific tasks.

This blog explores how decor environments can be designed to support emotional well-being.

Green Elements:

There was a time when natural environments visible from offices were considered distractions for workers, but recent studies have shown a deep connection between such elements and increased efficiency and improved concentration.

The same idea often applies to home decor environments. In urban settings, the dream of such scenery may seem distant, but by introducing more green elements into your home, such as trees, flowers, and foliage, you can overcome this dilemma to a large extent.


Furniture is an integral part of every home, and if you want to express your style and character while optimizing the available space, it must be chosen carefully. Furniture and accessories are also known for reflecting cultural roots.

Elements like a dining table, chairs, and a couch play a crucial role in shaping the overall mood and atmosphere of your house. Therefore, serious thought and consideration must be given to their selection. Additionally, opt for curved edges and soft shapes, as studies have revealed that they are perceived as less threatening than rough edges.

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