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Laminates for Modern Era

Laminates for Modern Era

Modern homes require meticulous attention and a passion for perfection. People no longer compromise on quality, whether they're selecting a dining table or any other piece of furniture.

From choosing drapes to selecting laminates, every decision is made with the utmost enthusiasm, as each element within a house reflects the personality of its inhabitants.

Inspired by this profound desire to create a beautiful home,  Amulya Mica offers a range of premium laminates that blend striking and tasteful colors with intricate designs. These laminates can be used for furniture and wall paneling, including specialized applications like kitchens.

As a leading provider of laminates in India, Amulya Mica supplies laminate sheets for houses, offices, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, gyms, and cafes. Our sheets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also possess antibacterial properties, promoting a healthy living environment.

Moreover, they exhibit high resistance to scratching and staining. With such precision in their design, New Amulya Mica laminates not only transform the ambiance of your living spaces but also are budget-friendly.

Let the exquisite laminates from New Amulya Mica speak for themselves!

For any queries call us at 18002331488 (Toll Free No,) or mail us at & just click on 'where to buy' link below to find Amulya Mica Store near you.


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