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Learn the Secret to Long-Lasting Furniture

Learn the Secret to Long-Lasting Furniture

We don't add furniture to our homes as frequently as we do clothing to our wardrobes. You don't want to change a wooden marvel once it's been installed in your home since it can disrupt the beauty of your entire décor.

Furthermore, purchasing furniture is not as inexpensive as purchasing clothing. Purchasing large pieces of furniture, such as mattresses and cabinets, burns a hole in your wallet. As a result, it is essentially a long-term investment in your living space that you anticipate to endure at least a decade.

As a result, the motto is to ensure that the materials used to construct furniture are of high quality in terms of strength and durability.

But how?

When it comes to durability, we must check the boxes for a number of criteria that we frequently overlook. Here, we'll provide you with a single, all-encompassing solution that addresses all of those concerns.

710 plywood, an Amulya mica product, is what we're talking about. This plywood protects you against all of the plywood on the market that claims to be orange but really contains lemons.

Durability on point:

  • Waterproof ply:

There are several choices that are water-resistant by nature, but only a handful can claim to be completely waterproof. Classic Is 710 plywood has passed all of the testing required to verify that it is waterproof in nature.

How can you say that?

On both classic and ordinary plywood, we ran the boiling water proof test for 72 hours. While ordinary plywood lost structural integrity in less than an hour, Classic Is 710 held up even under boiling temperatures, proving to be a real BWP graded ply.

  • Classic for the little invaders:

Borer and termite prevention should be required in your house. It doesn't take long for these worms to find their way through your furnishings and convert the castle into ashes. To do this, we must build a foundation that is sturdy enough to withstand borers and termites.

Classic Is 710, as the name implies, stands up against any insect assault that might put your furniture in jeopardy.

How can you say that?  

Amulya mica Classic Is 710 has glue-line protection, which is a developed chemical that strengthens and protects the plywood from borer and termite assaults.

Therefore, Classic Is 710 lasts longer than any regular plywood, giving your furniture a longer age.

  • A promise breaker is a shoe-maker:

Because of the guaranteed quality that Amulya mica provides, it has been a trusted brand for decades. As a result, in the unlikely event that we fail to deliver on our promises, we provide an 8-year warranty on Classic Is 710.



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