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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Material in India

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Material in India

About why? Since kitchen cabinets form at least half of the skeletal structure of your kitchen. And the fabrics and finishes you pick determine how long they will last and how durable they will be to top it off. Find the right kitchen cabinet stuff, and you don't have to have the irritating makeover long before it's time.

We would therefore speak about what kitchen cabinets are made of what is often known as the kitchen carcass, in this article. The finishes (laminates, plastic, PVC, etc.) that are the outer surface or lining of the cabinets deserve a separate message, and we will discuss them, we promise, in the next few days.

Plywood is simply a man-made material (or manufactured wood) formed into a single sheet of the board by gluing layers and layers of thin wood (or wood veneers). It is available in various thicknesses and is relatively stable. For a finer finish and greater protection from termites and moisture, it may be further covered with plastic laminate, wood veneer, or thermofoil.Plywood has taken over as the most sought-after commodity with modular kitchens that seep into almost every apartment or home in India and is now readily available in Indian markets.




  • Plywood is less vulnerable to degradation from moisture or water, making it a better match for kitchens in India.
  • It doesn't shrink, break or warp because of the way it is bonded (ie, with the grains running against each other). Hence, it is also incredibly robust.
  • For a 19mm-thick BWR plywood, it is inexpensive, costing somewhere between Rs. 85 and Rs. 115 per square foot. The costs depend on the board's form and thickness. It will cost about Rs. 55 per square foot for industrial plywood.
  • It is thicker than all other trees that are engineered and can bear heavy weights better.
  • It is much thinner and thus a better option for hanging or wall cabinets than most boards.


Not Good


  • While it is much cheaper than solid wood, it is more costly than HDF or MDF (read about these later in the article).
  • Elaborate designs are challenging for plywood kitchen cabinets since the material is very thick.
  • You have to ensure the laminate or veneer is covered with your plywood cabinets so that the rough edges do not appear.


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