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Tips to Buy the Best Plywood for Your Furniture

Tips to Buy the Best Plywood for Your Furniture

Plywood is indeed a major investment. Obviously buying plywood involves a lot of money plus, this sole investment determines the longevity of your furniture. So, for the value of both plywood and time, it is important to invest time in choosing the best plywood furniture. To help this, here is a list of 5 tips to buy the best plywood for your furniture by Amulya Mica.

Choose reputed plywood company

When choosing your plywood company, do not simply head to the nearest store and place your order. Check online about reputed plywood companies and then make a choice. The greater time and effort invested for choosing plywood, the greater should be its longevity.

Flatness of plywood

When checking the ply quality, check the flatness of the ply. Warped or broken plywood are not worth an investment. Again, the tip of buying plywood checking flatness does not apply in case of 1/4-in. plywood.

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Check edges of ply

Opt for plywood that has neat and uniform ply edge with minimal void. Plywood with overlapped or unsynchronized ply edges do not have long lasting outcome. Overlapping edges of ply also make it difficult to cut it.

Stick to grain pattern

Do not rush through the ply selection process. Ensure every plywood sheet you choose is flat, undamaged and has a grainy texture. Spending time in ply selection makes it worth the money you spend.

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Cross check prices

So many sellers now offer plywood in India. Before finalizing your choice, check ply quality and price of as much sellers as you can and only opt for the one offering best quality at affordable price. Always going by price to buy ply does not work.

Don’t miss the thickness of the ply

Plies are available in different thicknesses. Going by one thickness for all purpose does not work. While 19mm thick ply is good for kitchen cabinet, 8mm works well for the drawers. So based on the purpose of your ply use, choose its thickness.

For any further guidance about ply selection process, feel free to contact Amulya Mica – a premium exporter, manufacturer and supplier of best quality ply across India.


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