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Tips to select the best Decorative Laminate for your home
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Tips to select the best Decorative Laminate for your home

Sunmica Plywood, particleboard, wooden furniture, wall panels, and flooring are all routinely finished with laminates. It is a composite artificial material formed by pressing tiny layers of flat paper and plastic resin together. The upper layer is printed with a decorative pattern or colour to make it look more appealing.

Various types of Laminates:

  1. Decorative Laminates:

Decorative Laminates Sheets can be used for ornamental overlays on furniture, walls, and other surfaces with a higher aesthetic appeal, finishes, and colours. Furthermore, laminates manufacturer brands, such as Amulya Mica, have been able to make extremely stunning laminates that may give the interiors a whole new look thanks to the use of Zero Finish Technology.

Decorative Laminates are simple to maintain and can be done in the following ways:

  • Wipe with a clean cotton cloth soaked in a little amount of liquid detergent.
  • Acetone can be used to remove stains. Don’t forget to dry after cleaning.
  • Dampness can leave marks on the Laminate Sheet and cause it to deform.
  • Because this isn't real wood, don't use varnish, wax, or polish.
  • Wet wipes should not be used on furniture.
  • Avoid using sharp items to clean
  1. Industrial laminates:

These laminates are more resistant to wear and tear and have a higher strength. The fire retardant, antibacterial, and chemical resistant properties of the high-performance laminates make them ideal for usage in hospitals and other industries.

  1. Compact Laminates:

In general, these  Laminate Designs are incredibly thin and do not require any form of support or to be attached to another material.

  1. High-pressure (HPL) and low-pressure laminates (LPL):

There isn't much of a distinction between the two laminates; HPL is typically used with plywood, whilst LPL is typically used with MDF.

  1. Post formed laminates (PFL):

Post formed laminates are thinner than conventional laminates and are used to wrap around tables, columns, and other objects.

  1. Decorative laminates are perfect for everyday surfaces:

Decorative laminates can be utilized in the living room or bedroom floor, table tops, cabinet shutters, and other areas because they are a less expensive and environmentally beneficial alternative to solid wood items. With a wide range of realistic textures available, these offer the necessary qualities to withstand heat and moisture exposure.

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