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Trending Laminate Designs in 2020

Trending Laminate Designs in 2020

The demand for decorative laminates as consumers uses them for different purposes like walls and furniture. In doing this, of course the lookout is for the latest laminate design collection that adds to the visual appeal of the house. In the prevailing circumstance, going around the market to choose your preferred laminate is neither safe. Thus, to help consumers planning a home beautification using decorative laminates; here are the trending laminate designs in 2020 from the Amulya Mica latest laminate design catalogue.

  1. Anti-Bacterial Laminate

As consumers are looking for more ways of adding shield of protection to their house, the most popular laminate trend in 2020 is anti-bacterial laminate. Amulya Mica has recently launched anti-bacterial laminates that you can choose.

  1. Chalk Board Laminates

Chalk board laminates are preferred by Indian households particularly with children. Chalk board laminates is a popular Trending Laminate Designs

  1. Digital Finish Laminates

High quality digital laminate sheets are lookout for contemporary houses. Some also use this in professional or commercial spaces.

  1. Solid Color Laminates

In some cases, solid color laminates are the best choice like in countertops of kitchen or bathroom. This makes solid color laminates.

  1. Glossy Printed Laminates

One of the most trending laminate designs of all times is glossy printed laminates. This enhances the visual appeal of any space. Prints are available in many versions like floral, geometrical, patterns, block colors and so on.

  1. Wood Grain Laminates

Wood has indeed now become an expensive affair. Thus, as substitute and yet get the look and feel of wood, wood grain laminates work best. Wood Grain Laminates is a popular trend in laminate designs 2020.

  1. Textured Laminates

As the name says, this kind of laminates offer a texture on touching it. Types of textured laminates include raw silk, suede, leather and so on.

  1. Acrylic-finish Laminate

If little high on budget, opt for Acrylic-finish laminates. This reflects light and offers a contemporary look.

These 8 trending laminate designs are just a handful from the latest laminate design catalogue of Amulya Mica. Explore the complete latest laminate design catalogue of Amulya Mica to discover more types of decorative laminates designed specifically for domestic use only.


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