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Types Of Cladding

Types Of Cladding

Due to its inherent benefits, cladding on the exterior walls of a home is becoming increasingly common. Cladding protects the building from the elements while also adding to its architectural appeal. Aluminum composite panels, high-pressure laminate, glass, natural stones, vitrified tiles, wood, fiber cement boards, and many other types of cladding materials are available on the market.

Every type of wall cladding has its own set of characteristics. Cladding products come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Composite panels made of aluminum Two sheets of aluminum are joined together with a plastic core to make aluminum composite panels. Laminate with High-Pressure


High Pressure Laminate is made from Kraft paper mixed with resins and pressed into compact sheets under intense pressure.

Boards made of fiber cement Cement is lined with cellulose fibers to make fiber cement boards  

Stone is normal. A thin layer of natural stone is added to the walls to form stone cladding.  

Tiles made of vitreous glass Vitrified tiles are made from a mixture of clay, silica, feldspar, and quartz that is fused together at a high temperature to make a glass-like product.


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