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Welcome the New

Welcome the New

In the most recent decade, we have seen new patterns developing quickly. We have moved from being a radio age to an Alexa age; from TV to Netflix; from Walkman to iPod – the rundown is enthusiastically long. In any case, the structure material industry has seen its own change by holding onto imaginative items, for example, PVC/WPC that not just supplement the deep rooted love for wood yet in addition override it by setting higher item principles that wipe out the intrinsic inadequacies of wood.


In this excursion of development, Amulya Mica has assumed a significant job in the business. For over 20 years, Amulya Mica has been a main maker of value WPC/PVC items and has been perceived and celebrated for its lavishly supplied involvement with expulsion assembling and development in India and all inclusive.


Progressively, shoppers have recognized WPC/PVC's special properties that have stopped their concerns of spoiling, rotting, termite assaults and so on.
Amulya Mica PVC Boards are lead free, anti-bacteria and even food grade approved.  Amulya Mica for healthy homes and healthy you.


For any queries call us at 18002331488 (Toll Free No,) or mail us at & just click on 'where to buy' link below to find Amulya Mica Store near you.


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