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What Is Plywood Used For?

What Is Plywood Used For?

Plywood is an engineered wood sheet building material that can be applied to different kinds of properties. Due to its low moisture content, plywood does not easily warp or crack. Assembled flimsy wood veneers on flat sheet produce plywood. Affordable cost makes it a popular construction material. However, its use is not limited to furniture only.

This blog by Amulya Mica lists the top 5 uses of plywood in your residential or commercial properties:

Wall Art

Interior designers are coming up with innovative wall décor ideas using calibrated plywood. The easiest is to create patterns on the ply using painter’s tape and hanging them on the wall. Other ply wall décor can be a combination of different shaped or colored ply designs coordinated on the wall.


Opting for a plywood ceiling adds visual appeal to your property. For the ceiling, it is recommended to opt for thin PVC plywood sheets are that easy to install. However, avoid any heavy fixtures like light on the ply ceiling as it is risky and cannot take a heavy load. Both pre-cut square or plywood sheets can be used on the ceiling depending on the size.


Considering the moisture level in bathrooms, opting for marine grade ply is the best choice. This kind of plywood being water-resistant adds to the longevity of your bathroom furniture like shelves or cabinets. However, cross ventilation in the bathroom or modular kitchen space where you use plywood is very important.

Roofing and Flooring

To add a new look to your house, simply go for plywood flooring. In simple steps with glue and nails, you can change the entire floor plan of your house using plywood. Water resistance and structural stability also make ply a top choice for roofing on both residential and commercial properties.

Curved surfaces

When it comes to covering a curved surface area, wood really cannot make a difference. Exactly here comes in the role of plywood that can be easily spread on rough and uneven surfaces. For this purpose, flexible ply works the best. It easily bends without breaking into pieces.

Now to practically apply the best quality plywood in the above said methods at your home or office, it is important to get the plywood from an authentic supplier. In India, Amulya Mica is the most preferred plywood supplier whom you can get in touch with. Both quality and variety of plywood are uncompromised at Amulya Mica.

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