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What Makes Amulya Mica Laminates an Ideal Choice for Your Project?

What Makes Amulya Mica Laminates an Ideal Choice for Your Project?

If you're seeking for laminate sheets that suit current design sensibilities, Amulya Mica laminates are a great choice. Amulya Mica, provides a wide range of top quality laminate sheets in a wide range of styles and colours that can transform any living area. If that's not enough to persuade you to choose Amulya Mica laminate sheets, we'll give you a list of not one, but six qualities that make them excellent for your project. Take a look.

  • Surface Wear Resistance

One of the most typical issues with standard laminates is that over a period of time, the surface begins to wear. When you use Amulya Mica laminate sheets for furniture, however, you may forget about that. Our laminate sheets are designed to withstand wear and tear from mechanical, physical, and even chemical processes.

  • Scratch Resistance

With laminate surfaces, you can say goodbye to scratches, which are frequently the first flaws on objects. Amulya Mica laminates are made using high-quality Kraft paper and resins, as well as cutting-edge technology, to ensure that they are very resistant to scratches, even from sharp objects that are considerably harder than the laminates.

  • Heat Resistance

Another feature that distinguishes our laminate sheets is their high resistance to dry heat (up to 180 degrees Celsius) and steam. In fact, our laminate sheets are designed to withstand temperatures as high as boiling. They are perfect for even the most demanding environments due to their heat resistance.

  • Crack Resistance

When you pour your heart and everything into a project, it goes without saying that you want it to last for years. With its amazing resistance to fractures produced by practically all destructive variables such as air pressure, humidity, and seasonal fluctuations, Amulya Mica laminate sheets are a great choice.

  • Stain Resistance

The sensitivity of low-quality laminates to stains and imperfections is one of the most typical issues. Appear no further than Amulya Mica laminates for furniture if you want your furniture's surfaces to look like new for years to come. They're designed to withstand even the worst stains like coffee, wine, sauces, and even turmeric.

  • Dimensional Stability

Last but not least, Amulya Mica laminates' remarkable dimensional stability is another incentive to utilise them for furniture in your dream project. Our laminate sheets are perfect for usage in a variety of climates and locations since they are developed and produced to readily tolerate expansion and contraction.


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