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Why PVC Laminate is best

Why PVC Laminate is best

  1. It is BETTER DECORATIVE FOR INDIAN WEATHER CONDITION AND OUSTY AREAS.Change in weather & dust does not deteriorate its look & colour since it is 100% water proof so it can be easily clean with water and mild detergent when applied on walls a wall paper.
  2.  100% REAL TERMITE BORER PROOFdecorative PANEL since it is made with polyvinyl chloride that is the world's third-most widely produced high strength thermoplastic material that is completely safe against termite & borer attack.
  3.  100% COLOUR COREbase decorative panel. Amulya PVC decorative laminate has advantage of colour core base characteristics. The colour core base is a product that has same colour as on the top surface.
  4.  90* DEGREE BENDABLEdecorative, no need of edge band Since Amulya PVC laminate is made with high quality virgin Polyvinyl material so it is flexible in nature and can be easily bend by cutting with V-groove cutter.
  5.  Made with 100% LEAD FREE PVCmaterial. Since Amulya PVC laminate is made with virgin & LEAD free material so it is completely safe to use in interior even in your kid room or dining table.
  6. If you are environment lover then you must use PVC laminate for your interior furniture, it is MADE WITH POLY VINYL CHLORIDE THAT IS COMPLETELY RECYCLABLE AND REUSABLE.This way PVC not only decorate your interior but it also take care of our environment.
  7. Amulya PVC laminate is MANUFACTURED BY USING SELF PROTECTING SURFACE TREATMENT MATERIAL that makes it antibacterial. Amulya PVC laminate is completely safe against multiple microorganisms and bacteria.
  8. Amulya PVC laminate not only beautiful but also have amazing strength to resist against fire. It is a FIRE RETARDANT DECORATIVEthat is completely safe to use in your kitchen and offices.


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