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All You Need to Know about WPC PVC Door Frames | Amulya Mica
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All You Need to Know about WPC PVC Door Frames | Amulya Mica

              WPC DOOR-FRAME FAQ’s


  1. Why Amulya Mica WPC Door Frame?

A good door is no good without a good door frame. Made from high-quality New Zealand Pine saw dust, PVC and other raw material , WPC door frames are highly durable and can withstand all problems related with wood like water, fire, termite & borers. That’s why you deserve an Amulya Mica WPC Door frame.

  1. What are advantages of Amulya Mica WPC Door Frame

Amulya Mica WPC Door Frame has following advantages…It is Waterproof, Termite & Borer proof, Anti-bacterial, Fire-resistance, Lead-free, Warp resistance, High Density of 820 kg/m3, Ready to use, Ready to paint, 100% Solid Composition, Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor, High screw holding capacity, high durability etc..

3.What are various sizes available in Amulya Mica WPC Door Frames

Amulya Mica WPC Door Frame are available in various sizes are (Inches) 3x2 / 4x2.5 / 5x2.5 / 6x2.5 & Lengths available (feet) 7 / 9 / 12.

4.How is Amulya Mica WPC Door Frame eco-friendly?

Amulya WPC door-frames are phenol formaldehyde free, urea free & Lead-Free which makes them health and hygiene friendly. Further by eliminating the use of wood, these help to minimize our carbon footprint on the earth.

5.In workability, how is WPC relative to wood?

      Amulya Mica WPC door frames can be worked with normal carpentry tools used for wood-working and no special tool is required. It can be sawed, drilled, screwed, polished, painted,        routed and much more.

6-Can We Paint WPC Door-frame ?

Yes. It Can Be Painted To Match Finish And Colour Of Door.

7- Which Paint Can We Use ?

Normal Paints Like Enamel, And Duco Can Be Used.

8- Can We Polish WPC Door Frame Like Wood ?

Yes, WPC Door Frames Can Be Polished Like Wood In Different Finishes.

9- Does It Require Seasoning & Termite Treatment ?

No, WPC Door Frames Are Inherently 100 % Water Proof / Termite & Borer Proof

10-Does It Require Finishing Or Rebate Cutting  ?

No. It Is Extruded In Ready To Use Sizes/Shapes Therefore No Further Sizing, Finishing, Or Rebate Cutting Is Required.

11- Will It Swell Like Wood During Rainy Season ?

No. It Has Excellent Moisture Proof Property and It Does Not Absorb Moisture, Therefore It Does Not Swell In Contact With Any Form Of Moisture.

12- Can We Use WPC Door Frame In Bathroom And In Constant Touch With Water ?

Yes.These are 100 % Water Proof, There Will Be No Effect Of Water On It.

13- What Is The Screw Withdrawal Strength Of WPC Frames ?

Depending Upon The Density, It Has Average Screw Withdrawal Strength Of  >1800 N And  Is Comparable To Wood.

14-How Are WPC Frames Installed ?

WPC Door Frame is Installed By First Fixing The HORNS . Horns Are The Horizontal Projections Of The Top And Bottom Member Of The Frame To Enable The Fixing Of The Frame In The Wall Opening. The Length Of The Horn In Door Is Kept About 10 To 15cm.

Next Is Holdfasts - These Are The Mild Steel Flat Bars That Are Used To Hold The Frame In Position. These Bars Are Generally Bent Into Z-shape And Fixed On One End To The Frame And Other End Is Inserted In The Wall. Normally The Horizontal Length Of Hold Fast Is 20 Cm. Generally, Minimum 3 Holdfasts On Each Side Of The Door Are Recommended. If Holdfasts Are Not Used With The Frame The Door May Loosen Due To Sudden Forceful Striking Of Door Shutters With The Frame.

15- What Types Of Screws Are Used For WPC Frame Installation ?

Half Thread Anchor Screws/Expandable Fasteners Should Be Used For Better Grip.

16-What Types Of Hardware Is Used For WPC Frame Installation ?

SS Anchor Fastner / MS Holdfast Should Be Used For Good Grip.

17- What Is Life Span Of WPC Frames ?

WPC Door-Frame works For Minimum 50 Years.



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