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Commercial Uses of PVC Boards

Commercial Uses of PVC Boards

The use of PVC boards is far beyond PVC furniture in recent times. Thanks to its non-toxic, anti-corrosion and anti-chemical features that is making PVC laminate sheet a top choice for manifold other purposes.
In this blog by Amulya Mica, we are listing the commercial uses of PVC Laminate sheets beyond PVC furniture:


PVC laminate sheets are being widely used for booths, signage, pop display, advertisements display in outdoors. This is because PVC boards have high strength and durability that do not get deformed in natural calamities. Availability of colored PVC boards is highly beneficial for booth, signage and display of brands.

Kitchen and Bathroom

PVC laminate sheets are being increasingly used in kitchens and bathrooms. This is because they are water, fire and corrosion resistant as per their composition. PVC sheets in contact with heat, water, light, acid or chemicals neither swell nor lose its aesthetic appeal.

Vehicles and Automobiles

Vehicles and automobile industry is now increasingly using PVC sheets. As PVC can easily be given any shape as required, hence it is easy to install PVC laminate sheets in cars, vehicles and automobiles. PVC boards are also being installed in trains and buses.

Home Interiors

Other than PVC Furniture, it is also being used for other home decorating purposes. Using PVC laminate sheets for home interiors makes it pocket-friendly than wood with similar life-span. PVC laminate sheets are being popularly used for wall panels in home interiors.

If this Amulya Mica list of Commercial Uses of PVC Boards excites you to order PVC laminate sheets for your next project, then feel free to get in touch with Amulya Mica. In India, Amulya Mica is one of the trusted PVC board suppliers who truly justify the client’s decision of - Why choose Amulya Mica lead tree
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