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HOW Many Types Of Laminates Are There?

HOW Many Types Of Laminates Are There?

Well, types of laminates are increasing at a rapid pace considering its wide usage and acceptance by the end-users. This blog by Amulya Mica, a leading name in the laminate industry of India covers the 6 types of laminates that are highly in demand in the present Indian market. Prospective property owners are counting these when choosing new laminates for their households or offices.


Synchronized Laminates

Synchronized Laminates are introduced by Amulya Mica in India. It is a replacement of natural wood or veneer made with world’s best design paper. It has a perfect emboss texture. The thickness is 1.25mm. For now, Amulya Mica has 63 designs and 22 finishes for synchronized laminates.


Textured Laminates

When you can feel the texture or pattern on a laminate, then it falls under the category of textured laminates. At Amulya Mica, textured laminate is available in an array of finishes. It is particularly used for flooring or wall cladding that adds to the visual appeal of your property.


Digital Laminates

With the use of the internet, laminate sheets with digital prints are being produced and supplied by Amulya Mica. Entrepreneurs particularly opt for digital laminates for their offices or business properties. Other than furniture, this also looks good on commercials and partition walls.


Plain Laminates

Plain Laminates is one of the traditional ones still in top demand in the laminate market of India. It is available in many colors and finishes. Plain laminates offer an authentic soothing outlook that no other laminate, veneer or plywood can replace. You can explore a wide range of plain laminates in the Amulya Mica official website.


Decorative Laminates

A popular choice as a surfacing material, Amulya Mica offers a wide range of high-quality decorative laminates to customers. It enhances the aesthetic look, feel and setting your property. Pick a design that suits the theme of your property. Decorative laminates are easy to install and maintain.


High Pressure Laminates

The standout in case of high pressure laminates is the range of pressure used for its production process. High Pressure laminates is an ideal choice for commercial flooring or kitchen tops. It is hygienic, safe, easy to maintain and durable.

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