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Selecting Office Interior Decor: Best Laminate Style & Finish

Selecting Office Interior Decor: Best Laminate Style & Finish

This is a one-of-a-kind alternative to the more common 'Indian Chaukhat,' which is usually made by cutting, measuring, trimming, grooving, and polishing a wooden plank. Eventually, this results in wood waste, which is then burned.

PVC-based Wood polymer composite is used to make WPC door frames. It's normally made of solid extrusion and has a density of over 700 kilograms per cubic meter. It comes in 3 inch x 2 inch, 4 inch x 2 inch, and 5 inch x 2.5 inch standard ready-to-install sizes. We will also provide you with a double rebate.

Fixing Method 1 Door frames can be assembled in the same way that modular furniture is assembled. A 50 mm long PVC grip screw can be used to connect it to a well-finished wall. Self-adhesive screw cover caps from Rehau or another manufacturer may be used to cover the exposed screw head. In this scenario, you should leave the frame unpainted.

Fixing Method 2: Similar to the wooden Chaukhat, this can be used with the traditional method. Metal anchors screwed to the frame's outer side will protrude through the cemented wall on the other end. It is clear that it anchors more easily. Since the frame can have cement particles on it, you'll need to paint it.


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