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Jali Door Design: Blending Safety & Style

Jali Door Design: Blending Safety & Style

For the Indian apartments, we searched for some of the cheapest, not-so-common grill doors. And they are here! With one of these jali door concept concepts, we bet you will be motivated to give your home entrance a makeover soon.

Get inspired by these principles of jali door design and offer a makeover to your home entrance.

  • A Fine Wood & Metal Blend

Who said grill doors wanted to be all-metal and industrial-looking?

For the main gate, the fine balance of metal and wood with an imaginative pattern is a good sight.

Hexagons are a favorite style and the best inspiration for grill doors.

  • Plain & transparent

On a tight budget? A no-frills approach like this gets the job done instead of reaching in for complex projects, and always looks elegant for an entryway.

For a more tailored ambiance, you can play with laminate textures and shades. Even the grill, consider bronze or chrome finish, can be painted in a color other than black.

  • Design of Royal Jali Door

What about anything more palatial and ornamental?

With the gorgeous antique finish and the lovely creeper-style grill pattern, here's a concept that gives you the regal villa feel.

Inspired by this design, for an apartment door, you can fashion a single door too, minus the window. The arched pattern may be enclosed within the rectangular structure for a single door.

  • Sleek & tidy style

This style is not only gracefully flat, but you get an oddly patterned front entrance when paired with the bland front door.


Compared to curved patterns, the flat frame will decrease the material consumption and the standard grill pattern will cost less. A bronze or dull gold finish on the metal would be physically more enticing once again!

  • A Work of Art

We love how this grill door frames the interiors, it gives you ample sneak-peak of the gorgeous house, but with its flowing pattern it still 'conceals' the room.

It is easy to fabricate and install with very few design elements on the door. This is a strong candidate if you are looking for a no-fuss style that is still pretty!

  • Inspired by Nature

Nature love? Style your entrance with this grill door with a garden theme. To the metalwork, it brings softness and looks smooth and welcoming.


To draw on the nature theme, put some planters and creepers alongside the entrance.

  • Symbols Jali Door Design

For grill doors, the sun motif was a go-to style. And for Indians, the significance of the home entry is rich and apt.


For this motif, go for a full metal door or install this grill into a wooden door. Depending on the amount of privacy you are aiming for, the grill size will vary.

  • Chic & Contemporary

Chevron is an extraordinary style of decoration, mainly seen in drapes, carpets, and other furnishings. Yet having it in the pattern of a barbecue is just as spectacular!


This pattern has a modern vibe that is perfect for apartments that go for a minimalist look, unlike other styles.

  • Entrance as Starry

How about a starry entrance here! Look closely and you will see how a perfect curtain between the exterior and the main door is created by the six-sided star pattern. Although when it comes to budget, it's certainly on the higher end, this style is just right for apartment doors.

  • Funky & Bold

Yeah, protection comes first, but you don't have to neglect elegance or appearance! Like this adventurous and breathtaking piece.


It's interesting, it's funky and it certainly makes a positive impact and is a starter of the conversation. It also has the apartment number fused in bronze, painted a bright red.

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