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Importance Of SGS Certificate In PVC Board

Importance Of SGS Certificate In PVC Board

In our quest for manufacturing products of highest quality, we have achieved one more milestone by being awarded with a very prestigious SGS certificate for PVC boards. This certificate guarantees our product to be of top-most quality as it is given only after a product has passed most stringent of the tests carried out by the awarding company.

What is SGS and why does this certificate matters so much?

SGS is a world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company based out of Geneva, Switzerland. This company is being recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity and has more than 94,000 employees having more than 2,600 offices and laboratories in more than 140 countries around the world. The reason why it matters so much is that because we are committed to manufacture products that last long , set quality standards and are responsible towards our customer's and their families health. The certificates from reputed institutions such as SGS proves our commitment and assure our customers that we deliver products that are far superior to the similar products in the market.

What does this certificate really mean?

This means; SGS certifies that our PVC boards are:

                     RoHS Compliant:

This certifies our PVC Board to be non-hazardous i.e. non injurious to health and this also makes our PVC Board a preferred choice for industrial uses. RoHS certification is must for most export orders


This makes our PVC Board not only a best choice for use in kitchen area, where the chances of bacterial growth are more due to moist conditions, but also a best fit for use in hospitals, schools and food processing units like bread & biscuit making factories. Simply said, Amulya PVC board gives you protection against the bacterias.

Lead Free:

Our PVC boards are Lead-Free and free of other heavy metals like Mercury / Cadmium and Chromium. Earlier, before SGS, the same fact of lead free was certified by Shriram Lab-Delhi. This makes use of our product safe and certifies that use of Amulya PVC board will never be a cause of deadly diseases like cancer. Today’s customer is far more educated to understand the ill effects of these chemicals and hence they are not only using lead free products for their kitchen but the PVC pipes used in kitchen for water supply are also Lead-Free these days.

Migration Test:

This point makes our PVC Board ideal and suitable for food-grade applications such as chopper board. Chopper board made from Amulya PVC Board will be totally free of any harmful chemical reaction.

Fire Test:

SGS lab has tested Amulya PVC B​​​​​​oard as per ASTM E 84 and certified it to be fire retardant and complaint of Fire Spread Index and Smoke Spread Index. Many of our competitors claim their product to be fire retardant but without any testing and certifications. 

Why Amulya PVC

  1. All these unique benefits makes Amulya PVC Board to be the most preferred product to be used in kitchens, hospitals, schools, factories and many more applications.
  2. SGS certificate also proves the superior screw holding strength of Amulya PVC Board in comparison to its competitors' and hence making it a preferred choice for customers and carpenters alike.
  3. Today government departments like CPWD, PWD are more stringent than ever on quality standards for delivering quality projects. And; the only way to know that they are sourcing quality products is; that they look for certificates from reputed labs such as SGS . Amulya PVC boards are better certified (in terms of more qualities tested) as compared to its competitors hence have more chances of being used/adopted by the government agencies.

 We strongly believe that this SGS certificate and the unique benefits and features it brings in, makes our product best in the market in comparison to our competitors 

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