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More then just Aesthetics!

More then just Aesthetics!

The use of laminates for home and business interiors has increased significantly in the decorative laminates industry. Laminates are a popular choice in the construction materials market because of their diversity of patterns and textures.

There are also additional advantages of utilising laminates. Apart from the vast choice of shapes and colours that give SUNMICA laminates a broad appeal in terms of aesthetics, there are four additional reasons to acquire SUNMICA laminates from Amulya Mica.


SUNMICA laminates are more resistant to wear and tear, making them more long-lasting. Celsus, Sunmica Fire Retardant Laminates, and Ultra Shield Exterior High Pressure Laminates are special products designed to withstand wear and abrasion for extended periods of time.

Low Maintenance

SUNMICA laminates are easy to clean and need little upkeep. Which, with proper maintenance, may last for years and look as good as new.

Amulya Mica high pressure laminates' endurance and durability make them not only a stylish choice, but also a more useful one, making them perfect for use in homes, offices, showrooms, hospitals, and hotels, among other places.

We hope that after learning about the adaptability of laminates, you will not only use them for countertops and cabinets, but will also look into other innovative and unusual uses for decorative laminates.


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