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PVC Board & PVC Sheet

PVC Board & PVC Sheet

We have been enabled by innovations to change the way we live, eat, create, and prosper. In the whole arena spanning our lives, technology has helped bring change. In the case of building materials, this still holds. Without some binding material, there were days when construction was performed using only dirt or clay. And we see the shimmering glass offices and marble-stoned towers as we look around today.

Humans have tried to experiment in taking out the best possible natural resources and producing drugs that are higher in quality and last longer than their natural alternatives. Poly Vinyl Chloride, commonly known as PVC, is one such material. Thanks to its lightweight, strength, endurance, and most of all, water-resistant characteristics, it is highly favored these days.

Thanks to its high usability, PVC foam board manufacturing companies offer it for all forms of building use, whether indoor or outdoor. It was a good alternative for wood that appears to have all the weather consequences and is prone to corrode after a couple of years.

The benefits of using PVC foam boards are given below:

  1. Water Resistance: Owing to their structure, PVC foam boards have solid water resistance. It does not swell nor loses its composition when it comes into contact with water. That makes it perfect for all kinds of weather.


  1. Corrosion Resistance: PVC does not respond when brought into contact with chemicals. This keeps its condition stable and protects it from deformation of some sort.


  1. Fire Resistance: Since they are fire-resistant, PVC foam boards can be used everywhere. There is no acid, heat, or light impact on it.


  1. High strength & durability: PVC foam boards are incredibly durable due to the composition of their constituent molecules, which means that they do not undergo any deformation. The panels will survive without any damage for as long as 4 decades.


  1. Easily created and painted: any shape can be given to PVC to fit your requirements. It can be cut for your house furniture or can be rendered for outdoor use of wall panels. It can also be painted with some form of paint that lasts for years and gives the appearance and feel as if it were new!


  1. Pocket-friendly: They are a decent replacement for timber or aluminum and are available in several price ranges. They do not need any further maintenance and continue in the same condition for such a long time. To cut or drill them, no special equipment is needed and this makes them pocket-friendly to use.

PVC Foam Sheet / PVC Foam Board Uses:

  1. Used for the ceilings in vehicles, trains, or buses
  2. Widely used for home and office decor production
  3. Used for building exterior wall panels
  4. Using PVC foam boards, home interiors can be built
  5. Used in kiosks for signboards and outdoor ads
  6. Used in building, garage doors, shows of POP, places for exhibits & signage

They are favored over other building materials with the same function due to their properties and various applications. Day by day, their applications are growing and they are becoming the best option for a wide variety of industrial projects, aside from homes, due to their flexible pricing.

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