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Transition Of Indian Panel Industry PVC/ WPC Boards, The New Trend Setter

Transition Of Indian Panel Industry PVC/ WPC Boards, The New Trend Setter

The journey of Indian Panel industry started almost 95 years ago with the first Plywood import of Rs.32 Lacs & in 1923-24 the 2 plywood units were installed in Assam. During this journey till 2019 the Indian PLYWOOD industry has reached to 26000 Cr and is expecting a growth of 4.8 % by 2024.

PARTICAL BOARDS industry irrupted the plywood industry & rapidly has taken a due share as ENGINEERED product currently having a  market size of almost 700 Cr. In India with the growth rate of 11.21%. The biggest irruption to the Plywood industry was done by the MDF BOARDS market. It has grown rapidly in the last 15 years and has reached1700 Cr while maintaining a growth rate of 17.20 %. But conventional plywood is still holding more than 50% of the total share of panel industry. Indian customer still have faith in plywood as the most suitable panel product, due to price suitability, availability & the ease of working for the carpenter.

WPC-PVC BOARDS – The Future Product.

PVC/WPC boards came in existence almost 8 years ago and grew rapidly to reach almost the size of 900 Cr in India with the consistent growth rate of 20%-22 % whereas it’s getting little tuff to maintain 4%-5% for the plywood sector. The PVC market has grown due to the unique & special features which actually were the limitations of the plywood. PVC emerged & is widely accepted as 100% termite free board. The product has the smoothest surface among entire series of Panels including particle & MDF boards. PVC boards are known as the most environment friendly product because in all three categories (MDF-PLYWOOD-PARTICLE) the wood is essential to use in any form. The non-decorative face of all conventional panels (PLY-MDF-PARTICAL) also indirectly helped to increase the sale of PVC. The face of the PVC board is either white or off white which reduces the cost of decorative products which is actually mandatory in all three above panels. Fire retardancy is also a big factor in the panel products as it costs extra to make the panels FIRE RETARDENT but the PVC boards are having inbuilt feature of fire retardancy. In the PVC lot of need based density wise variants are available which actually suits the requirements of customers and saves the cost. The best part of PVC board is while the other panel products are of various grade i.e. water proof & non water proof also interior & exterior grade, but PVC has this feature of 100% Waterproof grade in all kind of PVC boards. PVC DOORS & door frames are also being accepted by the trade & customers. The lower quality wood-based timber filler doors some time gets problem of undulation & delamination, whereas the PVC doors are just excluded with such defect along with the features of fire retardant & termite free aspect.

Emerging with the New Trends & height – AMULYA PVC.

Till now the PVC boards industry is working with the standard size 8x4 ft.& standard white colour. But the BRAND AMULYA who always believe & concern with the HEALTH OF THE NATION as top priority, has come up as the first & only Company who has given the LEAD FREE-FOOD GRADE PVC boards to the society. Company is also known for inventing the first bigger size of PVC boards up to 6ft.width. As the turning point of the panel industry, Amulya Mica is coming up with multicolour PVC boards by the name of RAINBOW series launching with more than 12 colours, that is going to be the revolution in the Panel industry. Amulya PVC is manufacturing a vast range of door shutters in high thickness & density. As per the market experts PVC is the most emerging & eco-friendly product in the Indian Panel industry and is just spreading the wings to catch hold of the bigger share of Indian Panel Industry.

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