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Wall Cladding with Laminates – A New Dimension to Your Home Décor

Wall Cladding with Laminates – A New Dimension to Your Home Décor

Gone are the days when painting or wallpaper were the only alternatives for wall décor. Now, the new trend for revamping any boring wall is decorative wall cladding panels. Decorative wall cladding panels indeed add a new dimension to existing home décor and can also be considered for commercial properties such as offices, hospitals, malls, shops, marts and so on.

In this blog, Amulya Mica as one of the top provider of laminate designs for wall cladding panels in India discusses the trend of decorative wall cladding panels along with its benefits:

Well, the primary benefits of wall cladding with panels are as follows:

  •       Aesthetic appeal
  •       Protection of wall from moisture, dust, and microorganism
  •       Low maintenance
  •       Easy to mount
  •       Advance technology
  •       Long Lasting

Coming to types, there are two types of wall cladding that are popularizing in India – Internal Wall Cladding and External Wall Cladding. The primary difference between the two types of wall cladding is the material used for paneling.

For Internal Wall Cladding, structural materials like laminates work well.

For External Wall Cladding, stones and wood work good as material used for paneling.

Different types of wall cladding available at Amulya Mica:

Stone Cladding – Stone, basalt, raw concrete, marble, granite and veneers

Brick Cladding – Lightweight and colorful

Plywood Cladding – Mainly for covering wires and switches

Oak Cladding – Organic, durable and sustainable

Wooden Cladding – Works best for damp or moisture prone walls

Laminate Cladding and PVC Cladding – Best for bathrooms

Amulya Mica houses laminate design collection with a wide range of designs, textures, and colors that are now high in demand and are being applied as panels for both internal and external walls. As all Amulya Mica laminates are corrosion, fire and scratch resistant, they are durable and offer long term usage benefit.

Wall cladding with laminates can be applied for statement walls, ceilings, living room panels and revamping any boring set up of your house.

Check the Amulya Mica Laminate design catalogue now for inspirational wall cladding ideas that are unique and perfect for your property.


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