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What are the best Laminates and Surface Solution for home Renovation?

What are the best Laminates and Surface Solution for home Renovation?

Renovating your home?

It's your chance to make any changes you desire and give the room a fresh, modern look that reflects your interior design goals. For anybody considering a home makeover, we've gathered some of the greatest laminates and surface options.

Surface Solutions That Are Long-Lasting  

If you're going to invest in a new appearance, make sure it's going to endure. You might not want to go through the hassle of remodelling again very soon, so make sure your surface solution or laminate is durable and long-lasting. “Amulya Mica” high pressure laminates are a strong range of decor laminates that are synonymous with durability.

Fire-resistant Laminates For Your Kitchen

When it comes to renovating your home, safety is paramount. If you're wondering how it relates to the laminates or surface treatments you choose, read on. Kitchen surfaces are exposed to high temperatures, and if they come into touch with a flame by mistake, you'll want to reduce the chance of loss and enhance safety in the event of a fire.

Impact-resistant Laminates That Don’t Show Scuffs and Micro-scratch Marks

You don't want incidental bumps and scratches to damage the beauty of your newly remodelled property in a couple of days. The “Tuff Gloss MR+” unique laminates are up to the challenge, with scuff, micro scratch, and abrasion resistance. You may also get fingerprint-resistant laminates (the Finguard special laminates – especially handy if you have little children at home who leave a trail of fingerprints on everything).

Custom-designed Laminates to Indulge Your Love of Design

Personalized digital laminates from Amulya Mica allow you to include your most prized memories or favourite photos into your décor in addition to your choice of upholstery or drapes during an interior makeover. Choose your favourite pictures from your personal collection and have Amulya produce a one-of-a-kind lamination for you... and then sit back and watch your memories come to life on your furniture! Experiment with different pictures, designs, and patterns until you find the ideal look for you. It will provide a personal touch to your house makeover.

Dream. Discover. Design.

You are not limited to these laminates. There are several surface options and laminates to consider. Take a look at the Design Explorer and choose from the thousands of Amulya designs available. The Visualizer tool makes it easier to realise your desired home improvement project. You may now see the designs of the laminates you've chosen for your furniture sets in 3D on your computer screen.

If you have the appropriate equipment and supplies, renovating your home can be a lot of fun. Start looking for them right now!


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