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Which is the best plywood for home furniture?

Which is the best plywood for home furniture?

  • MR quality plywood is an interior grade plywood that is ideal for indoor applications such as chairs, kitchen rooftops, wardrobes, walls, and filing cabinets in offices.
  • As previously said, MR grade plywood is resistant to moisture and humidity. However, this does not indicate that it is water resistant or waterproof. Yes, it lacks the ability to survive the impact of water touch for an extended period of time. If you want waterproof plywood, BWR grade plywood, which is extremely water resistant, is an excellent option.
  • Melamine Urea Formaldehyde glue, which is used in the manufacture of MR grade plywood, connects the various layers of veneers or grains. As a result, the pores and other small gaps in the plywood are partially blocked, preventing moisture from accessing the plywood.
  • The intrinsic strength of MR grade plywood is excellent, and it is also the best of all the grades of plywood available today.
  • It also has no warping effect, ensuring dimensional stability and long-term durability for the products made from it.
  • MR plywood comes in a number of grades depending on its consistency, close to how plywood does. There are two types of MR grade plywood: high-quality MR grade plywood and low-quality MR grade plywood. They differ in terms of mass, weight, scale, thickness, and price.


  • As the name implies, boiling water resistant plywood is waterproof and suitable for applications that are constantly exposed to water. It is also of exterior grade consistency, which means it can be used outside. Weatherproofing is also a characteristic of BWR quality plywood.
  • BWR plywood is suitable for making outdoor furniture such as lawn chairs, garden tables and chairs, as well as furniture for restaurants and cafes. Some interior designers and decorators nowadays consider using BWR plywood for kitchen cabinets and other furniture because it is more likely to get damp.
  • Synthetic phenolic resins are widely used to glue this form of plywood, which gives it its special water-resistant property. I'd also like to find out that PHENOL FORMALDEHYDE adhesive is widely used to connect the numerous layers and grains of ply. BWR grade plywood is very durable and can withstand prolonged exposure to water without warping.As we've been discussing this grade's water resistance, it's important to note that BWR or BWF (boiling water proof) grade plywood should not be confused with marine grade plywood. It is of much higher quality and is typically used in the construction of warships and ships that can be partly submerged under water for extended periods of time, as well as large industrial ventures.It is inherently more costly than BWR plywood due to its superior quality. BWR or BWF grade plywood is commonly favoured over marine grade plywood for home or office furniture due to cost constraints.

  • BWP stands for boiling water proof, which ensures the plywood with the BWP logo is boiling water proof according to industry standards. They're immune to water and moisture for long stretches of time. Century's BWP Grade plywood is a high-end quality that is rendered much more unique by the following characteristics.
  1. Consistent thickness with few core gaps

To ensure optimum strength, all of our BWP grade boards are manufactured with a standardised thickness. Strict quality controls are often enforced to ensure that the boards have as few core holes as possible, as these gaps allow the glue to settle and work better.

  1. Improved SSR for increased strength

All of our BWP plywood boards are made with SSR (Strength and Shape Retention), which indicates a higher load bearing capability. Our plywood's strength is improved as a result of this operation.

  1. Revolutionary Glue Line Safety, which makes the plywood termite and borer resistant.

Centuryply claims that creativity is the secret to sustainability, which is why we've launched the all-new breakthrough Glue Line Protection technology, which is fully borer and termite resistant.


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