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Journey into Amulya Mica's 1MM Collection - Inspired From The World
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Journey into Amulya Mica's 1MM Collection - Inspired From The World

We at Amulya Mica have taken inspiration from all around the world to create our special 1MM Collection. Let's take a trip together!

EUROPE - Touch of History

Europe is a place full of different cultures and a long history. Our 7 Wonder and Synchronized Collection borrow the look and feel of Europe's classic designs. These patterns will make your spaces feel a little more special.

USA - Shades of Simplicity

The USA is known for its simple, yet beautiful designs. Our Zero Oak, Veneer, and Wooden Collection pick up on these cool, calming colours, adding a bit of depth and charm to any room.

MOROCCO - Earthy and Unique

Morocco has a design style all its own, with earthy colours and exciting details. Our Flute, Jute, and Fabric Laminate collection show off these colours, making your spaces feel warm and inviting.

AFRICA - Nature's Beauty

Africa is home to beautiful forests that inspire our Pine Laminates, Oakwood, and Jungle Wood collection. These designs bring the beauty of nature right into your home.

UAE - Sparkling Luxury

The UAE is famous for its modern and luxurious designs. Our Glossy Collection brings that same sense of luxury into your spaces, with shiny, eye-catching patterns.

TURKEY - Stone-cold Beauty

Turkey has a rich history of stone and marble designs. Our Stone and Concrete Collection captures this style, giving your spaces a touch of elegance.

EGYPT - Warm and Cozy

Egypt, known for its ancient architecture, inspires our Suede Collection. These designs have a warm, cosy feel that can make any space feel like home.

INDIA - Burst of Colors

India is a land of many colours and cultures. Our plain colour Laminates reflect this vibrant spirit, adding a pop of colour to your rooms. 

With our 1MM Collection, you can travel the world without leaving your home. Each design tells a story from a different part of the world. Bring these stories into your spaces and make them your own. Enjoy the journey!

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