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Plywood handle with marine grade and pressure-treated difference

Plywood handle with marine grade and pressure-treated difference

Pressure-treated plywood is treated to resist insects, fungi, and rot with chemicals, the same way as pressure treated timber is. When the plywood is treated in a pressurized tank to cure it the pressure treatment procedure includes the use of waterproof glue.

Marine quality plywood often uses a waterproof glue, but while it often is, it is not usually handled with chemicals. The method varies depending on the manufacturer, as in any imported material, and the exact plywood you select. You will get detailed information about the brand and type of plywood you need from your plywood dealer.


Plywood Marine

  • Assembled space in all layers and void-free.
  • Under strain. Laminated.
  • Using special, water-resistant glue that keeps together the layers.
  • Constructed from tougher woods that are resistant to natural water.
  • As it has thinner layers of hardwood, it is stronger and more durable.
  • There is no influence of water on the glue or the strength of the lamination.
  • It won't delaminate, bubble, buckle, or warp quickly.
  • No voids or gaps can be found on the cut edges if they are cut.
  • If properly finished, pressure-treated plywood will last longer.


Plywood Treated by Pressure

  • Popular plywood that has been treated with chemicals under pressure.
  • This procedure stops the deterioration or rotting of the wood.
  • Insect damage can also be discouraged.
  • Pressure treatment does not waterproof the plywood with chemical compounds.
  • The preservative chemicals would be leached from the wood by constant water contact.
  • It is also made of softwood to allow chemicals to penetrate.
  • The penetration of water will also be enabled by softer woods.
  • To add power and endurance, does not have the extra plies.
  • May not remove all holes or voids.


However it should be noted that while the adhesive used for laminating the marine-grade plywood is waterproof, the wood plies do not absorb enough glue to make it waterproof, and actually, it can absorb water, and will therefore be exposed to fungal attack, so if this is a problem, choose a pressure treated marine grade when picking the plywood.


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