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"Health is money," they say all the time. Today's hectic and busy lives, on the other hand, leave no time for engaging in truly safe activities. Finally, the majority of us are affected by depression and lifestyle-related disorders. Using proper Vastu in building designs and aesthetics, on the other hand, can offer mental peace and comfort to the occupants. It also encourages good health.

To encourage good health and a calm mind, Vastu Tips for the entire house should be considered.

The following are some general Vastu guidelines:

  • It is beneficial to your wellbeing to light a candle or lamp in the northeast direction.
  • Do not use the room underneath the stairs as a toilet or kitchen because it can lead to heart and nervous system problems.
  • While learning, turn your head to the north or east to improve your memory.
  • To purify the climate, plant Tulsi. Cactus, rubber, Bonsai, and other milky plants should be avoided because they reflect tension and illness.
  • Do not build stairs or toilets in the northeast corner, as this would obstruct children's development and trigger health problems.

Bedroom Vastu guidelines:

  • Avoid constructing a bedroom in the northeast direction, but put your master bedroom in the southwest direction to ensure physical and mental well-being.
  • Sleeping with your head in the south encourages good health. Sleeping in the north, on the other hand, induces stress and aches.
  • To avoid miscarriage or abortion, pregnant women should avoid sleeping in the northeast direction.
  • A storage bed is linked to brain and heart disease.
  • Wooden beds are preferable to wrought iron beds.
  • Stop sleeping under light beams because it causes headaches, depression, and memory loss.
  • Placing your bed in front of a mirror will give you nightmares. Don't make a deal like this.
  • Do not sleep with your bed against the toilet wall, as this absorbs negative energy; and keep electronic devices away from your bed while sleeping.

 Vastu rules for the kitchen:

  • The southeast is the best direction for a kitchen.
  • In the east, cooking and eating encourage digestion and good health.
  • A kitchen facing northeast encourages mishaps and serious health issues. It is not a good idea to build a kitchen and a toilet at the same time. They should keep a fair distance between them.
  • To remain safe, happy, and peaceful, choose your directions carefully when building your home.
  • Keep an eye on this space for more Vastu tips from Amulya mica.


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