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Why Choose Laminated Doors?

Why Choose Laminated Doors?

Durability, affordability, and style make laminated doors the top choice for your property. However, deciding on one door laminate design is not an easy task. Every first-timer gets confused with the kinds, types, varieties, and designs of laminates for doors. To simplify and help end-users make the best choice for their laminated door design, this blog by Amulya Mica aims to summarize the door designs with mica and laminates that are currently trending in the market.

Sliding Doors

For those struggling with a space crunch, sliding door laminate designs are perfect for your property. This has a bidirectional opening system that glides horizontally on metal frames. Sliding laminate doors for bathroom offers a contemporary look and adds an air of panache to the surrounding space.

PVC Doors

PVC doors are perfect for water prone areas like the bathroom. . It is moisture-resistant, anti-corrosive and has excellent weather resistance. It can also resist damage by termites. Plus, it’s easy to clean. You can also consider PVC for your main door laminate design.

Door Skins

Door skin works best for those looking to renovate the doors of your property. First-timers can also opt for door skins but must invest in a good door frame at the same time. Door skin can be placed on the frame using adhesive. Door skins are available in many colors and designs.

Flush Doors

Conventional, simple and stable solution to the problem of door design is flush doors. Using plywood, you can design the best flush door on a light timber or metal frame. Flush door mica design is easily available, lightweight, low maintenance, eco-friendly and waterproof.

Decorative Laminates
For those keen to invest in a rich door, decorative laminates suit the best. Along with your carpenter, pick multiple decorative laminates and combine them for an aesthetically rich door based on the theme and setting of your house. Decorative laminates offer a variety of colors and designs as well.

All the aforementioned plywood, laminates and mica for door design are available at Amulya Mica. You can browse their products online. As the best laminate producer and exporter in India, Amulya Mica ships their products across the world.

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